Repair and Testing of Valves

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Every year all over the world there are produced industrial valves for a total amount of over $ 40 billion. These valves are applied in various industrial equipment, but for all that maintenance and repair of valves become increasingly important.

Well-organized repair saves enough money as this can reduce to a large extent the area for storage of spare parts thus reducing purchased volumes of new valves.

Advantages of Shutoff and Control Valves Repair

Various factors show that the repair of valves has many benefits:

  • The cost of repair is not more than 50% of the price of new product;
  • Lack of funds and space for storage of spare parts is too expensive,
  • Spare valves delivery dates do not meet the requirements of the client
  • On-site repair of welded elements of the valves is faster than:

o Removal of insulating material from the valves;

o The dismantling of these elements from the pipeline system;

o Their delivery to the workshop;

o Welding of available spare elements to the system, after pipe facing

CJSC “KBR East” render services on repair and testing of valves:

  • Pneumatically and electrically driven control valves;
  • Manually operated valves (of any type);
  • Relief valves (upto DN 250mm, P is upto 40 bar);
  • With pneumatic, IP and digital positioners;
  • Valves hydraulic testing on the test stand VCB 50 («Ventil, Holland) upto DN 300mm, Р is upto 40 bar;
  • Diagnostics of valves condition on site by means of «BenchMark» tool (the USA);
  • Setting and testing upto DN 300.

We provide as well the following services:

  • Valves in-coming control.
  • After repair check.
  • Spring relief valves setting with provision of certificates.
  • Control valves testing.
  • Setting of positioner +  drive + valve (unit assembly)
  • Maintenance

Why shall you choose us? Our advantages:

One of the main types of services at KBR East is: maintenance, testing and repair of shutoff and control valves. The center on repair of shut-off and control valves was founded in 2000, the specialists had passed all necessary trainings and have a great experience.

Main activity of the center:

  • All types of piping valves repair;
  • Safety relief valves setting;
  • Preventive maintenance;
  • Valves quality in-coming control;
  • Quality control after repair, control valves setting and testing.

Company has available the following facilities

  • Area on mechanical shutoff valves assembling and repair
  • Area on mechanical drive valves repair
  • Area on control valves repair
  • Mechanical shop with  a large variety of equipment on sealing surfaces grinding
  • Area on Instrumentation control valves testing
  • Area on repair and setting of spring relief valves
  • Storage areas
  • Preventive Maintenance