Non-Destructive Testing

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CJSC “KBR East” has a certified laboratory of nondestructive testing (NDTL), which provides services on control of equipment and materials by nondestructive methods during fabrication, mounting, repair, reconstruction, operation and technical diagnostics.

NDTL Certification

Objects of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Control

  • Steam and hot water boilers.
  • Pressure vessels over 0.07 MPa.
  • Steam and hot water pipelines with working steam pressure over 0.07 MPa and water temperature over 1150С

Lifting Devices

  • Lifting cranes
  • Articulated cranes

Equipment of explosive- flammable and chemically hazardous production facilities

  • Equipment for chemical, petrochemical and oil-refining productions operating under pressure up to 16 MPa.
  • Storage tanks for flammable, explosive and toxic substances
  • Furnaces, thermal fluid boilers, industrial power boilers and waste heat boilers
  • Process pipelines, steam and hot water pipelines

NDT Types (Methods):

Acoustic (Ultrasonic)

  • Ultrasound test
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement

Magnetic test

  • MPT

Dye penetrant inspection

  • Liquid penetrant testing

Visual and measuring testing

You can familiarize with KBR East NDTL certificate using the link