Setting up control loops and highly intelligent systems

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It is an open secret that we are to cut expenses to be profitable and able to meet competition. To avoid variations and stabilize automatically controlled operational processes, we apply Instrumentation Precision Maintenance. Making adequate controller adjustment, it is possible to put down expenses for raw materials and chemicals, stabilize quality of output products, equipment service life is liable to increase and repair and maintenance costs cut.

Our company specialists conduct audits professionally making control valves adjustment of operational processes.

  • Data to be accumulated and then processed by software application Entech (USA). Entech is used to diagnose control loop of the operating process to detect loop elements failed (valves, sensors) and then adjust controller to stabilize operating process.
  • Diagnostics of control valves is normally made using software Fieldcare.
  • In the result, the customer will have optimally adjusted control loop, report describing settings made and recommendations on how to sustain gained results.

KBR East also has Calibration laboratory

Calibration of measuring tools is the complex of operations made to define actual value of metrological characteristics and metrological applicability those measuring tools used outside the State control for measurement uniformity assurance.

KBR East metrology group provides calibration of thermomechanical, electrical and physicochemical measuring tools in compliance with Russian legislation.

To execute calibration works, the lab utilizes up-to-date equipment, sample database, involving highly qualified lab specialists with wide experience in the sphere of calibration that enables having instrument precision and reliability.

KBR East has been accredited for making instrument accreditation in compliance with certificate of accreditation ensuring the uniformity of measurements for calibration work performance (or service rendering) #ROSS RU RU.0001.310433 dated 30.06.2014 issued by Federal accreditation service.

You may take a look at KBR East certificate of accreditation by the following link