Repair of Electric Motors

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KBR East delivers the services of midlife repairs of asynchronous motors of 0,4kW, overhaul repairs of electrical motors from 0,4 kW up to 315kW, midlife repairs of high voltage electrical motors such as asynchronous totally enclosed fan—cooled motors, midlife repairs of synchronous motors such as synchronous enclosed motors, repairs of DC motors.

The midlife repairs includes the following activities: disassembling, flaw detection of parts, measuring mounting seats of bearings, preparing list of defects, steaming and drying of stator, replacing bearings, rotor balancing for motors of more than 13kW(coming with a half—coupling and impeller), ultrasound diagnostics of rotor, replacement of terminal block, painting, electrical diagnostics, and vibration diagnostics after assembling. .

The overhaul repairs includes all the activity items of the midlife repairs as well as testing active stator iron for heating.