Equipment care by process personnel

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The process staff is constantly next to the equipment. How can this resource be used to enrich the information about the assets state.

OPERATOR CARE program is designed to improve the quality of equipment operation and is focused on the most efficient use of the working time of the process personnel for the purpose of the equipment primary diagnostics.


Study of diagnostic instruments, their main functions and purpose; knowledge of equipment components for quality inspection and care.

General Description

The program covers routes, inspections, clean-ups, and checks of various equipment, such as motors, pumps, agitators, gearboxes, and others. OPERATOR CARE is a systematic approach to the process of checking, adjusting, and cleaning the serviced equipment, performed by the process personnel at regular intervals to detect the early signs of malfunctions and ensure the proper operation of the equipment.

Whom is this training for:

Chief engineers, shop managers, process staff


1. Main tasks of Operator Care

  • Definition and the tasks of Operator Care
  • Equipment reliability improvement
  • Zero accident operation

2.Operator Care tools

  • List of tools for the equipment routes, cleaning
  • Diagnostics tools, principle of operation, purpose, application
  • Brief information on vibration, parameters, characteristics

3.Routes, inspections, clean-ups, check of equipment. Examples of equipment routes

  • Electromotors
  • Pumps
  • Agitators
  • Gearboxes
  • Fans
  • Pipeline systems
  • Hydraulics
  • Heat exchangers
  • Chain drives
  • Belt drives
  • Lighting
  • Housekeeping