Strategic Planning

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KBR East specialists will help you to develop and implement the systems on deployment of the company’s strategy using the Hosin—Kanri or X—Matrix tool. Using this method, the company’s strategic initiatives and goals are cascaded to all levels of the organizational structure and transformed into the individual goals for the employees, and the efforts of all departments are combined to implement various initiatives.

Strategic planning – formulation of the main activities fields of the enterprise and measurable indicators of its development that determine the desired result of its activities in general and in a specific business for the planned period.


Familiarize participants with modern working procedures and planning tools, company strategic plans implementation and their further deployment to personal tasks of the employees.

General Description:

The course will cover the methods of deployment and implementation of a company’s strategy using the Hosing-Kanri tool (X-matrix) or, in our terminology, the company’s strategy deployment plan. Our specialists will share with you their practical experience in using tools for planning and implementing the strategic tasks set by management. The course will also demonstrate the tools such as the balanced scorecard, and the A3 report as a tool for project management and communication. Examples of actual plans, tables, and reports will be shown.

Who is this training for:

General Directors, deputies, chief engineers, technical directors, lead specialists


1. X-matrix components

  • Description of the blocks forming the X-matrix and its logical connections

2. Strategic deployment plan

  • Practical work: analysis of a company plan examples


  • Practical work: analysis of a balanced scorecard
  • Discussion of data types, selection of indicators

4. A3 report

  • A3 report as a tool of information presentation
  • Content, rules of creation. The analysis of the examples

5. Roundtable discussion

  • Discussion
  • Answers to the questions