Assets Criticality Analysis

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The criticality of an asset is a reflection of its impact degree on the technological process and at the same time one of the tools to manage the system of its maintenance and ensure reliability.


The course is aimed at “Equipment Criticality” learning and skills of its determination.

General Description:

The course will address the issues of the Equipment Criticality determination, Equipment Criticality codes, analysis of maintaining conditions for determining the criticality, the methods of the Equipment Criticality determination will be presented. Trainees will gain the practical skills in the Equipment Criticality determination. ”

Who is this training for:

Chief engineers, technical Directors, chief specialists, heads of shops and areas, engineers and heads of the shop repair services, managers and employees of diagnostics and reliability services ”


1. The concept of Equipment criticality

  • Introduction
  • Aim
  • Key Terms

2. Equipment Criticality codes

  • Types and kinds of the risks assessment criteria

3. Factors and conditions of the process implementation

  • Key factors and conditions for implementation of the criticality determination process

4. Methods of the equipment criticality determination

  • Scheme of the Equipment Criticality determination with a description of each level
  • Detailed description of the equipment criticality codes
  • Algorithm for the final equipment criticality determination based on the presented factors

5. Practical skills in the Equipment criticality determination

  • Hands-on practice on determination of the criticality by an algorithm

6. Classification of criticality in terms of reliability

  • Types of defenitions and entries of Equipment Criticality
  • Hands-on practice:completion of the criticality determination table