CMMS Implementation

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Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) – is the basis of the technical services at a modern industrial enterprise

In the world of modern industry, it is impossible to imagine an effective Maintenance service that does not use a Computerized Maintenance Management Systems(CMMS or MAINTENANCE management modules in ERP / EAM)/
The need to implement such systems is dictated by the need to improve the quality of the maintenance process management and costs reduction.

Effects of CMMS complete implementation:

  • Improvement of the work planning quality leads to reduction in their duration and labor intensity, improves the quality of repairs and the level of personnel safety
  • Decrease of the works preparation time and, as a result, reduced probability of accidents
  • Raising the level of equipment reliability by improving the quality of work planning
  • Improvement of the Maintenance personnel utilization efficiency
  • Costs transparency
  • Ability to analyze the costs by the equipment units and make economically sound decisions
  • Improvement of maintenance costs budgeting quality
  • Saving the repairs history for future works planning
  • Automated process for creating the repetitive works orders
  • Optimization of inventory of spare parts and materials for maintenance
  • Ability to analyze statistics on the status of repair orders to improve the quality of planning and procurement

Our experience will enable you to implement effectively the business processes related to the use of a computer-based maintenance and repair management system.