Precision Practicies

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Precision practicies of equipment repair and maintenance are an effective tool for managing equipment reliability.

Precision practicies are divided into disciplines: mechanical precision maintenance, Precision Instrumentation maintenace, Precision electrical maintenance.

Their purposes:

  • ensure that work isperformed according to the standards
  • bring the equipment into a state that provides the maximum run time between the repsairs – full performance of its function
  • ensure high reliability of operating equipment
  • reduction of the maintenance and repairs cost
  • output quality improvement
  • energy usage reduction

Precision practices make it possible to perform such maintenance and repair works that provide the highest quality and accuracy, guaranteeing trouble-free start-up of equipment and minimizing the time to release high-quality finished products.
Repeated application of repair standards, high-quality spare parts and materials, correct tools and precise instruments, repair and reporting documentation-factors that form the condition of equipment, defined as”Precision maintenance”.

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