Equipment Lubrication System

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According to the statistics, 85% of failures of machinery bearing units are caused by lack, excess or contamination of the lubricants.

This statistics is explained by the following processes organization issues:

  • in-coming control of the lubricants, proper organization of their storage and transportation
  • ubricants contamination protection before their use
  • instrumentation monitoring the optimal filling of the unit / system with lubricant
  • monitoring the condition of the operating oils
  • ensuring leak-tightness of lubrication and hydraulic systems
  • replacement, replenishment, and filtration
  • personnel competency management, equipment and lubrication service activity arrangement
  • creating and maintaining a document system for the lubrication function

We will help you to develop the effective programs for creating the lube charts and unification of the lubricants, organize a lubrication service, and conduct the training for the proper equipment maintenance methods.

You will deliver the following results:

  • prevention or significant reduction of the failures caused by the lubricants use processes
  • decrease of the personnel errors on documentation preparation and implementation of lubrication processes
  • nomenclature optimization
  • consumption reduction by means of the useful life extension without equipment reliability deterioration
  • costs reduction for transportation, storage and disposal

We provide not only the excellent theoretical knowledge, but also a large amount of hands-on practices based on our vast experience in operation, maintenance of lubrication and hydraulic systems equipment. And as the practicians, we are proud to work since 2012 without any incidents related to equipment lubrication process issues, which is a convincing argument for the effectiveness of our programs and the qualifications of our specialists.