Condition Based Maintenance System

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Are you satisfied with the results of your diagnostics service work?
Our experienced specialists will help you adjust the predictive maintenance program and organize the effective operation of your diagnostic services.

Do you get the desired result from your diagnostic service? How often do you have to deal with breakdowns caused by a defect that was not detected in advance? If you want to change the current situation , we can provide you with professional assistance in this matter. KBR East has experienced and professional specialists, a system of the effective processes and has extensive experience in creating an effective system of predictive maintenance (diagnostics).

Our specialists will help you to create or customize the program of predicted maintenance for your specific needs, organize the coordinated work of your diagnostic services and give recommendations on the productive use of various diagnostic methods, including:

  • vibration diagnostics;
  • oil diagnostics;
  • infrared thermography;
  • ultrasound examination.