Maintenance Strategies Development

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Maintenance strategies – a set of measures that keep the asset in good condition.
MAINTENANCE strategies – necessary actions performed by maintenance and operations personnel during the operation of equipment, designed to determine the technical condition of the asset and maintain its reliability at a given level.

Maintenance strategies cover all stages of an asset’s life: operation, maintenance, and repair.

If the maintenance strategies are not created, used, or correct, You do not have a system tool to ensure reliability and control over the adequacy of the cost level.

Sources of the maintenace strategies creation:

  • OEM’s documentation and recommendations
  • Reliability engineers’ experience
  • Failures history
  • Best practices in operating the analogous equipment under similar conditions
  • Recommendations from manufacturers of spare parts, lubricants, etc.
  • FMEA analysis

The knowledge and experience of our experts will help to form a team of specialists who create and improve maintenance strategies that ensure the maximum run time period.