Asset Hierarchy development

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What do we need assets hierarchy (structure) for?

Assets hierarchy enables to implement the conversion from tradition assets management approaches to proactive ones.

Assets hierarchy is a firm basis for efficient operation of computerized maintenance assets management system.

Based on the hierarchy there is created the efficient management of all resource types distribution required for ensuring the necessary level of physical assets reliability level. The lists of spare parts and materials are put together for every physical asset that enables to monitor the consumption of all resources types in the course of the whole lifetime.


Hierarchy is also the incoming information for the conducting of FMEA.

Hierarchy enables to conduct the maintenance consuming resources analysis in the structured way, and to understand how efficient the investments into the physical assets reliability are.

Based on such type of analysis there is constant improvement of physical asset maintenance manufacturing process, more qualitative planning, warehouse stock of spare parts and materials is decreased, time is reduced, performed works quality is improved.