Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

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It can hardly be argued that quality of manufactured products and reliability of facility equipment is very important. It is unlikely that there are any company voluntary taking risks to the quality, reliability, reputation of the company and risks’ results trying not to protect themselves.

All efficiently run companies are trying to make themselves safe from potential issues connected with professional activities. Know all over the world, FMEA is a powerful tool used to make risks analysis and assess their effect on business.

KBR East will help you to execute failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) at your facility, or train your specialists how to make this process efficiently.

Implementing FMEA at your facility will allow to:

  • Assess criticality of the assets depending on levels of potential failure effects;
  • Emphasize most critical elements in the system;
  • Estimate quality and effectiveness of maintenance activities under way;
  • Work out effective and really necessary maintenance activities to improve operational reliability;
  • Improve equipment reliability;
  • Cut down expenses on maintenance and repair;
  • Enhance quality of output products.

Besides, while implementing FMEA your specialists will learn how to make compromise and work in a team navigating towards a common goal.


The fact that FMEA was used when working out the program on landing on the Moon back in sixties of the past century serves as evidence of its success and effectiveness.

Later on, FMEA was implemented in the automotive manufacture General Motors, Ford and Toyota, and then became widely practiced in other industries.