Asset Criticality Development

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Asset criticality – is a reflection of the degree of its influence at  the technological process

According to the world statistics, only 20-25% of equipment on average is critical for safety and production. This means that using the same approach to the maintenance of all equipment on the one hand cannot provide the required levels of reliability and, on the other hand, cannot ensure a rational level of equipment maintenance costs.

Criticality analysis – is a function aimed at determination of:

  • the extent to which an asset failure affects the safety, sustainability, and efficiency of the production process
  • which work shall be done immediately,which – later, and wchich one shall not be executed at all.

In the face of growing competition, companies are constantly upgrading their equipment fleet. At the same time, the criticality of the asset can change both to the higher and the lower sides. Therefore, the approaches to its maintenance (to the formation of the cost level) should change accordingly. This makes the process of working with criticalities almost continuous.

Using our experience, you will form a team of reliability engineers who professionally conduct the asset criticality analysis. The result will be a maintenance program that provides the maximum run time and an adequate level of costs.