Reliability Engineering

Reliability engineering -is a continuous process of maintaining the Reliability level of asset (equipment unit) availabilityunder actual operating conditions at minimum cost.
Initially, the level of asset reliability is set during the design process. But it is achieved in the process of organizing a service system that provides this level.
In the process of Reliability Engineering, the potential costs of product losses and failure elimination are analyzed. The result is mitigation of the unexpected failures risks and extension of the asset’s run time. The higher the potential cost of failure, the more attention is paid to the asset when forming strategies for its maintenance.
Another task of Reliability Engineering is to reduce maintenance costs (the cost of the life cycle), which are included in the equipment s passport by the manufacturers. The Reliabiliety engineer creates such maintenance strategies that reduce potential costs while maintaining a target level of reliability. A reasonable balance between the level of reliability and the amount of maintenance costs is the result of competent work of the company’s reliability service.

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