Strategic Planning

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In order to create a reliability system, it is important to see the “general picture”, understand the fundamental principles of a system building and how the various elements of a reliability system are interconnected.

The core of the strategic business planning is to formulate the key activity areas of the enterprise and measurable indicators of its development, determining the desired result of its activities in general and in a particular business for the planned period. Within the framework of strategic planning, a specific plan of management actions is developed to fulfill the company’s mission and achieve the stated goals.

Any Director of an enterprise has the goals – specific indicators that reflect the business development.
Not only the Director should work for these purposes. The work of all company employees shall support the same set of goals.
This means that the Director’s reports shall define their personal goals, the achievement of which works for the business development: the entry of new customers and the loyalty of the regular ones, costs reduction or retention, downtime reduction, safe work culture development, environmental risks decrease, and much more. In each area, there shall be appointed the leaders and set the specific goals for the specific employees.

How to put the work on the personal goals setting in order?
How to establish a set of employees’ goals so that there are no gaps between the strategy and the set of actions to implement it?
The Hoshin Kanri method is one of the most effective tools for managing an organization. This method uses the so-called X-Matrix, which allows to show the company’s strategic (long-term) goals, the next year goals (strategic initiatives), methods, performance indicators, and area responsibles on the same sheet.


Advantages of the Method:

  • Ordering the information on goals and performers
  • Visual demonstration of the strategy and its relation to the tasks and area leaders
  • Posibility of the tasks prioritization
  • Deviations monitoring and correction capability
  • Can be used at different management levels


Usage of Х-Matrix and plans in А3 size provides an effective combination of the strategy and the specific tasks implementation.


Our «Strategic planning» training will enable you to implement a Hoshin Kanri method and effectively use X-Matrix to set goals and control the process of their achievement, which is required in the conditions of the necessity to continuously improve all areas of the company’s living environment.