Maintenance audit

audit-engThe areas of activity that raise business efficiency by means of equipment reliability improvement are described on our website in the section Solutions.
This set is more or less a standard tool of successful development in the modern industrial world.
But here’s the question: where to start and what exactly to do for the development of a particular element of the Reliability system?
What shall be done urgently, what can be done later?

The answer can be provided by the specialists who have gone all the way through the development of the Reliability system, and understand how the development of a particular system element will affect the work of Your company.

In order you can get an accurate idea of the actions required for the company to improve the level of equipment reliability, we offer you to conduct an Audit of the maintenance area, as a result of which You will have an objective assessment of the functions development degree that ensure a fault-free operation of the assets, and the recommendations for their improvement.

Based on the audit results, the company’s management receives a report showing:

  • comparison of the state of the maintenance functions with the best practices
  • development of Maintenance and Reliability area directions
  • specific recommendations.