Who and what to be taught to?

What shall the employees be taught to?

In what sequence?

How to define the company employees required the training on each subject?

Whom to begin with?

Our vision of the answers to these questions is presented in our training matrix. However, it requires to be commented.

If the company manager came to an understanding of necessity to initiate the process of employees training, first of all the manager himself should begin to study and involve his direct reports – Technical Director, Chief Engineer, Chief specialists into the first training phase.

Why so and not otherwise?

Because General Director shall be the first person to understand what will his reports get as a result of training, and what should they do after it.

Because the General Director must understand the long-term benefits of collaboration with a training (consulting) company in relation to management goals in the field of production development.

Because only company chief’s insistence on high standards and support will ensure training consistency and continuity.

Because the training process shall have a system character and systems development – is one of the management tasks.

Open the dialogue with “KBR East” and you will get the training system in the fields of equipment reliability provision and safety culture development. All we offer You are based on the field experience and were tested in actual industrial practice. This is exactly what you need, isn’t it?


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