Asset Criticality Development

Вернуться обратно в радел

According to Statistics, only 25% (value may vary in depends of industry) of equipment is critical for production. This means that using the same way of maintaining all the equipment parts is waste of money. Criticality analysis will help you to effectively set the priorities in planning works, to properly control risks, and will turn into a solid base for Reliability improvement. KBR East experts will assist you in conducting Assets Criticality Development for your equipment relying upon best world practices in asset management.

Being experts with practical approach we understand that most of modern companies are forced to constantly upgrade their production lines to achieve better efficiency, reduce prime costs and improve output quality; consequently, equipment criticality might change as time goes. In other words, some equipment ceases to be critical for the production process and you might spend less on it than before; on the other side, another assets appear which might need more maintenance. In this case you most probably might want to have your own specialists to react on changes immediately, and we are ready to educate them for you. We will turn your employees into subject matter experts relying on our experience.